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Remember you are in one of the poorest capitals in Europe.

When I was a young student in Berlin there were people who studied German literature or American literature or any such (some were studying Finno-Hungarian literature).

There are many guys on daily basis getting rip off in Kiev, but most do not care about this.

I get laid all the time and give very little allowance and just do things together like boyfriend girlfriend. It's snowing in Kiev now and it's a good romantic atmosphere for street actions LOL. Just to be clear, hunting on K street is not a viable mongering option for most guys. They have no other skills, but know this business inside-out. In 2013 I had an 18 yo staying with me for free for 3 days. It's a matter of pride for her to stay above the rest. Cannot undermine her authority in the eyes of subordinates, and perhaps she is not allowed to partake by her own supervisors.

The going rate for her better looking friend is 10000 euro a week in Dubai. Many men from certain cultures have a complete obsession with Ukranian and Russian women, and in-turn through instgram and travel sites are offering them nonsense money.

I went to Kiev to see what the obsession was all about, and I did not find it. I have perfected my skills and can pick up women in Canada. They may have worked as providers before and got promoted.

5 star hotel in Paris for weekend, 2 days = 2000 euro given to them.

She is a good looking girl, not model material, but attractive.

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