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'" Her voice came back in full-force, and Prettyman recorded the songs that would end up on "Cedar Gold," released in October on Capitol Records."I was writing from a place that I was in when I first started -- when there was no pressure, no record label and no albums to follow," said Prettyman, who began releasing music in 2002."I was definitely writing and going, 'I want to set the record straight and I want to set the record straight to you too because you're not getting it.' Not everybody gets that opportunity -- to write a whole album about your ex," the San Diego-based artist said about Mraz, whom she on and off for several years. I didn't want to trash everything and pull it apart.In a way, it all happened for a reason and I got to the place I am now because all of that." Looking back on the writing and recording of the set, Prettyman said, "It's sort of like an outer-body experience in a way because I'm there and I'm present but at the time same time, it's such a grey area looking back." But now that the album is out, Prettyman says, "I'm 100 percent connected to it and I believe in it fully." One of those new songs, "Say Anything," opens the new film, "Save Haven," starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel."It's funny -- him and I, a couple of weeks ago, we had an exchange," Prettyman revealed about the "I'm Yours" singer. I feel this weird negative energy and it just feels awkward. And it's really beautiful." That honesty infiltrates all the songs on "Cedar Gold." "My experience is obviously going to be different from his and his is going to be different from mine.Pour yourself a glass of either and think about how you may handle things differently if you decide to start a new relationship in the future.Rihanna; “A Night To Remember” by Betty Who; “Honeymoon Avenue” by Ariana Grande; “Last Request” by Paolo Nutini Maybe you never got the closure you needed or perhaps you regret breaking things off.Playlist: “Like You” by EXES; “Tears” by Clean Bandit (ft.

"The minute it [her 2011 Split from Mraz] happened, I ran to my guitar and the pen and the paper," Prettyman told All the songs, Prettyman says, came from a "truthful and honest space," as she "dug deep" within herself for the words to describe her split from Mraz.And with songs such as "I Was Gonna Marry You" and "Quit You," Prettyman didn't hold back when it came to addressing the break-up.For this frustrating situation, I suggest a wine that won’t make you cringe anymore than you already have.Chardonnay is a great option because depending on which type you buy, it can be the comfort food of wines; one made in an irresistible buttery, toasty style is just what you need.

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