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Full completion of the entire 13 year secondary education program is required or comparable UK credential of at least 3 A Level exams.

Internal school transcripts may be submitted until the MOE record is available.This situation is notable because it differs from that of most Latin American countries, where upper secondary students receive diplomas, rather than just transcripts.Vocational/Specialized high school Certificate: Title of Technician, Professional or Nurse (Título de Técnico, de Profesional, de Enfermera) The Department of Public Education (Secretaría de Educación Pública/SEP) oversees primary and lower secondary schools.Secondary School Diploma / Diplôme d’Études Secondaires (SSD/DES)* *Gives access to college education (CEGEP) in Quebec: 2-year pre-university program Attestation of Vocational Specialization / Attestation de specialization professionnelle (AVS/ASP): 5 years* *Gives access to employment or further education in Quebec Provincial or territorial Ministry of Education (MOE) secondary school record and diploma.Certificado de Concentración de Calificaciones/Notas de Enseñanza Media (academic record) for each of the four years of upper secondary school and Licencia de Educación Media/Licencia de Enseñanza Media (certificate of secondary education) or Licencia de Educación Media Tecnico-Profesional (certificate of vocational secondary school)Certificate/Diploma: Graduation Certificate(毕业证书 : 高级中学 (高中) [high school graduation certificate], the Upper Middle School Graduation Diploma (“red book” - 高级中学 (高中) 毕业证书) Various Technical School Completion Certificates: -Specialized Technical Middle School Graduation Certificate -Vocational Upper Middle School Graduation Certificate -Skilled-Workers School Graduation Certificate -Adult Secondary Specialized School Graduation Certificate -Adult Technical Training School Graduation Certificate Original records in English from middle school and high school – grades 9-12.

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