Sextreme dating show

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When Brutal Truth played OEF in 2007, I had an interesting experience.

5 minutes before we were supposed to play, I put down my bass and ran backstage to use the toilet.

Hopefully years from now it will be very similar to what it is now and not turn into a corporate shit show like so many festivals have these days. OEF is the most crazy music festival that I’ve seen in life no doubt! We thought the whole night would be called off, so we were hitting it pretty hard, but an hour and a half later the storm had passed the festival by and we were hammered onstage in front of a full house of insane maniacs, all having the time of our lives. Myself and the rest of the Exhumed crew are chomping at the bit to make some more memories this year at OEF and at the after-party, so get ready for blood, guts, and bullet-belts when he hit the stage. Haemorrhage will be happy to spend the time with all the Grindcore maniacs in the world center of NOISE. July 2001 at Obscene Extreme, Trutnov..Czech government commanded to paralyze all Open Air fests held in the country immediatelly.

A lightning storm came and threatened all attendees with a high electric potential.

) I can’t imagine how many other people have been introduced or influenced by things they have experienced there. For three days you can cut loose with some of the most intense music and zany folks this side of the grave.

Obscene Extreme is also one of the most DIY festivals I’ve ever been a part of. Guys with their legs cut in half moshing from the stage! Do not worry, clothing is optional at OEF for the musicians, fans and metalheads! pinching eyes of fuckers from the pit with no problem! When we were there in 2001, a storm hit right as we were getting ready to take the stage, and we ended up drinking in an old bunker on the festival site. We should all be prepared for a new invasion of human organs and blood pouring amputees.

We love to play the fest and fell the incredible energy of this particular crowd as a present. Would never go to anywhere else instead of being here!

There I drank to the point of physical hallucination, spent a portion of the evening talking to a tree thinking it was my manager, and saved my guitarist from drowning in a one inch deep puddle of mud. and the moment I step off the tour bus I am handed a large bottle of Slivovice and forced to drink, a ritual that I have come to expect from OEF.The lengths Curby has gone to push extreme music into people faces with out coming off elitist, negative or forceful is truly inspiring. Juan Brujo OEF is not just a music festival it’s a true celebration - where a freak can be a freak.This festival has opened my eyes to countless bands from around the world that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to see or hear (and I travel a lot! It’s got more personality and blast beats than any other event I know.Thankfully there was someone to snap a picture of both stage dives, I’m building a fucking legacy! I couldn’t eat or drink anything and I had to go to the toilet every 10th minute. I’m not sure if I want to change anything about OEF.I hope sometime soon I can add a third picture to my OEF collection. Proud to call the OEF and extended family my home away from home…Look forward to coming back soon… I played with both Birdflesh and General Surgery that year. I absolutely don’t want it to be bigger with more people.

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