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Noel Yeatts, World Help's vice president, told The Christian Post in an interview in May that modern-day slavery is about "bondage and loss of freedom.""Every story ends with a young woman losing her power to choose: The parents who sell their daughter as a servant; the women who are branded like cattle to be purchased in red-light district dancing bars; the girl forced into a marriage not of her choosing; or the mother who enters into prostitution to provide for her son and ends up trapped in the sex industry," Yeatts told CP at the time."And every story also includes the common marks of abuse, vulnerability, neglect, and exploitation," she added.

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I learn that a pimp gouged out the girl's eye with a piece of metal when she dared to ask for a rest from clients after an abortion.If she didn't meet her quota, or if she tried to run away, she was punished in unthinkable ways—burned with a hot poker, covered with biting insects. The buying and selling of humans is a billion global business, according to the U. State Department's 2009 Trafficking in Persons Report.What kind of person sells her own daughter into slavery?Many were living in hell, enduring torture," he said."I couldn't believe it was right under my nose and I didn't even know it."Christian humanitarian organizations are also active in the region helping sex industry victims, including World Help, which has been operating in Cambodia's neighbor, Thailand.

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