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Again, like the 590, the 595 is a fantastic motorcycle sat nav unit that comes with a 5-Inch, glove friendly, direct sun-light readable screen that means you are able to read your turn-by-turn directions whether it’s bright day-light or pitch black at night.

The Tom Tom Rider is Tom Tom’s all new 2014 model that comes with a new 5-inch high resolution touchscreen with that has been designed to help with use in direct sunlight and allows you to press buttons on the touchscreen without taking your gloves off.

This all-new 2016 model has been improved from the ground and as a result every part of the sat nav is better.

The 3.5 inch screen is now covered with an anti-glare film that help with both colour clarity meaning that you can see the map even better, and helps in direct sunlight situations meaning that you don’t need a screen glare.

Before you choose the right motorcycle Sat Nav device for Your needs, take into account the following: We love the first generation of the Tom Tom Rider and whilst we thought the Garmin Zumo 590 was probably a better model, it’s very expensive which means that it’s hard to justify the price tag when you start comparing it two the Tom Tom Rider.

What’s great is that both Tom Tom and Garmin have both brought out new models to replace the older models, however the problem is that we still have the same result as we did for our last motorcycle review with new and improved Garmin probably being a slightly better model, but the price tag just makes it too difficult to justify when you start looking at the all new and improved Tom Tom Rider 400.

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