Positive passions speed dating dating someone with kids quotes

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And while dating our passions is a good way to get to know them better, we can’t keep leading them on forever.We have to choose or else we’re never going to form a committed relationship with any of them.I just stood and stared at the fork in the road and obsessively imagined what it would be like to travel down each road rather than just picking one and walking.

But rather than running in and grabbing whatever I could, I just stood there and watched it burn—paralyzed by an inability to choose what to save and what to give up on.

Each person gets a sheet of adhesive labels with their name typed on it.

They circle the room and look at 20 or 30 posters with a title and pictures i.e., Young Adult literature, Sports and Rec, Pet Care/Animals etc.

If you anticipate students will have trouble finding something to discuss on their “speed dates,” you may choose to do another inspir ED activity before this activity such as this one, to get students to reflect more deeply on their passions.

You also may encourage them to reflect on and share about their hobbies and what they do for enjoyment. Remember to ask the students to share their feedback on the activity: What went well?

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