Muncet online dating

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Imp.things in Life: My Child Life Dream: Meeting my truest Man I am single mom,looking for a serious relationship.I am a very outgoing person but can be serious when I need to be.I live life to the fullest and I try to always be positive.Being busy is something I love, and I want to make it far in life, with great accomplishments.Friends and family mean the world to me.: I am looking for something serious, I like being commited to something.I am looking for someone who has goals in life and someone who has many great qualities.

I am a very caring person who is always there for anyone if in need of help.I want to find my soul mate, the person who i can trust and who's life i can brighten with my person who can make me tremble with his touches and make me feel like Life Dream: Get beautiful girl I'm Electrical Engineer and loyal person. My biggest achievement in my life is to get Electrical Engineering degree.I'm loyal person and looking for loyal life partner.Im the father of a grown up Son(10yrs old) I like to be in harmony with the world around me.i like to read a lot and keep up many things.i specially Value humor being able to laugh at yourself, being able to communicate Culture in General and the Freedom to think out of the box.i also likes hearing peoples stories and simply talking with People... Life Dream: Get my own Business (Enterprise) In Information Technology Cool, wise and smart I'm proud of intelligent person I can't live without God, internet search and work Social work in ONG to help other haitians in misery is a part of my achievement in life. Improve yourself every day and put your best features on the first plan. For example, you hope that dating site will help you meet a beautiful single girl or a real Man.

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