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A bronze ball represents an easy course, a silver ball represents a medium course, and a gold ball represents a hard course.Once you've selected the course you want to play, you can choose from 3 different options: Front 9, Back 9, or Full Course.The fewer shots it takes to sink the ball, the better your score and the more Tokens you'll win.There are two kinds of courses: - "Standard" Pogo courses: These courses are always available, and the list will grow over time.Weekly courses will be available for several months before being cleared from the list.You can see how difficult a course is in one of two ways - either by reading the course description, or by looking at the icon to the right of the course name.

Each hole has a "Par" setting, which tells you the average number of "strokes" expected to complete the hole - shooting more shots than that puts you over Par, while shooting less puts you under Par.

You probably won't get an amazing score the first time through a new course, but that's okay!

They're meant to be difficult to master, but it is possible to score below Par - sometimes even more than one shot below Par - on each and every hole in the game. ) Pay close attention to how the ball bounces off walls and obstacles, and especially what happens to the ball when it rolls over course features like sand, rough, and ice.

Playing the front or back 9 is good for practicing and honing your Mini Golf game skills, but you won't get a Jackpot Spin unless you play through a full 18-hole course.

Some future courses may only have 9 holes - in that case only the Full Course button will be available.

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