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Methods Between 20, 3637 community-dwelling men aged 70–88 years underwent a clinical assessment of cardiovascular risk factors and biochemical assessment of testosterone, SHBG and LH.

Some have therefore hypothesised a role for sex hormones in the aetiology of IHD (3).

Participants were randomly selected from the electoral roll (enrolment to vote being compulsory).

Between 19 (wave 1, W1), 12 203 mostly Caucasian men aged 65 years and older attended a clinic and completed a questionnaire, providing a range of demographic and risk factor data.

These observations suggest a more complex role for testosterone and are consistent with the hypothesis that androgen deficiency plays a role in the pathogenesis of IHD.

Testosterone is the major circulating androgen in males and is almost entirely bound to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin. The free and albumin-bound portion is generally considered most active in target tissues.

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