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It is the most sensitive major franchise out there, and the most sentimental.(See also: the tear-jerking end of — largely on the backs of films made by a Taiwanese-American director — came right as Hollywood was realizing people of color were hungry for stories in which they were prominently featured.

With the fourth, though, the films accidentally become, thanks to the addition of Han to the main cast, a shared universe, where all of the characters are involved in one another's adventures — and they get there a few years before Marvel would.

Handler, 40, famously dated hotelier André Balazs but has never been married.

Bobby Flay’s love life has always been sort of messy.

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She knew it wasn't logical, but somehow she felt if she kept the picture, she'd be keeping Cindy alive.

What's more, the franchise has been almost perfectly cultivated by its studio.

Really, the only comparable franchise in Hollywood right now is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, over at Disney.

There's no way the miracles of Christmas—and the magic of true love—could possibly be hidden under one of its tiny flaps.

Christmas Angel by Kat Martin When Angel Summers' first love, Josh Coltraine, joined the Army, she vowed to hate him forever.

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