Dating on campus

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A useful resource for college students who want to know what hooking up means to their classmates, Bogle's book is also relevant for parents trying to figure out why their darn kids are running around the bases backward.”-The Philadelphia Inquirer Purchased for a book report in graduate school and so glad I did! I highly recommend it as a look into the life of "hooking up" and exactly how people see it in others and in their own life.

What is simply considered not done in Asia or your home country may just as easily be accepted in America as is drinking water!

If you excel at one-on-one interac­tion or if you really want to get to know some­one, the group scene might cramp your style. As a freshman you may come to school in the US minus a special piece of luggage, mainly in the form of a boyfriend or girlfriend at home.

Many start out by group dating and once they get to know someone well, ask that person out. Sometimes these long-distance relationships are able to weather the pressures of maturity and huge telephone bills but, more often than not, they flounder.

For student affairs professionals, it is a great read to help understand the life of your college students and how they may think on this topic. It was wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a padded envelope. It is about the sexual landscape our daughters are finding themselves in today. It is the people in the book, who you talk about, but your daughter can safely share her views. I read it for a sociology class in college and it failed to provide accurate information about the subject.

Your daughter should read this book before going away to college, but any time is good.

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