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During this chaos and the waning phase of King Chemjong hang, King Sirijonga of Yangwarok kingdom rose to power.

He subdued all the independent rulers and took over as the new supreme ruler of Limbuwan.

He established a small village at the foot of Bijayapur hillock and named it Chandranagar (now Purano Bajar).

The purpose was to supply timber to the East India Company, which in the 1890s had expanded its north eastern territory and was laying railway tracks.

But in 1609 AD Kirant King Lo hang Sen of Sen dynasty captured Morang and ruled it for seven generations.

Dharan (Devanāgarī: धरान) is one of the sub-metropolitan cities in eastern Nepal, in the Sunsari District, and is situated on the foothills of the Mahabharat Range in the north with its southern tip touching the edge of the Terai region at an altitude of 1148 ft (349m).

It serves as a trading post between the hilly region and the plains of Terai region.

Ganga Dahal (Officer of PM's office), Prachanda's younger daughter (Indian citizen)3. Read More Pathak (Officer of CA), Prachanda's son-in-law6. Another son-in-law (contractor of Chitwan Cantonment)1.

Gangaram Dahal (un-appointed foreign relations officer), Prachanda's own brother4. Prakash Dahal (Prime Minister's PA/accountant), Prachanda's son, salary equal to the under-secretary7.

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