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Periods alone are messy, but during sex, with all that other lubrication, it can resemble a crime scene in your bed.Plus, being on your period doesn’t absolve your risk of pregnancy. The risk is still pretty low, but you can still get pregnant while on your period- so be smart. While it’s totally cool to go down on your partner or get extra hands-y with them, you’ll want to avoid receiving any oral or digital action- this should be pretty self-explanatory as to why.If your lucky partner is willing, here’s how to maximize your experience to reach O-town in a fantastic new way: The first thing you have to brave is letting your person know what’s happening down there when they starts ravaging you and getting you in the mood.No one wants surprise blood all our over their junk, and some are actually pretty grossed out by periods in general- it is what it is.

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Missionary is always a safe bet because you’ll bleed right on the towel below you as opposed to on your person’s chest.

Read on to learn about foods that are likely to either stoke or extinguish your sexual fire.

Gas may be natural, but it’s not exactly ideal during sex.

You don’t want to waste all that prep work of shaving your entire body so you’re as smooth as a newborn dolphin just to let your period ruin things.

Believe it or not, having sex both before and during your period is actually fantastic for your symptoms.

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